HOW TO MAKE A Straightforward Image Frame

How to make a simple photograph body. This step by move tutorial shows you how to make plywood and plexiglass frames to screen pictures or pleasurable vacation printables!&nbsp

These are definitely enjoyable to make and screen your favorite photos, printables.

Or you can make them as a gift!

Do it yourself Customized Image Frames

I am employing these with Xmas&nbspprintables for now but these will last but not least go on the white wall reverse the&nbspcolorful accent wall in the youngsters&rsquo space.

With all that shade heading on, I preferred to convey in some warm wood tones. but we have a very exclusive set of baby images of the kids that have been in their room for good! I questioned them if they needed me to improve them out but the two unanimously agreed they even now preferred them!

We had been employing plain white Ikea frames so I determined to use this opportunity to build fun frames and also use up some scrap plywood in the system. (There is a thing about the fulfillment you get from utilizing scrap wood&hellip)

The photos can be quickly switched out by just getting off those people screws! I additional some succulent printables just for fun.

Rustoleum despatched me their white and black wooden grain enhancer to test out and I love the influence it provides.

Choose a search closer! It&rsquos really neat!&nbsp

Components wanted to make the basic picture frame:

  • Plywood &ndash cut to sizing. I made use of eight&Primex10&Key

  • Plexiglass&nbsp&ndash minimize to dimension. I applied seven&Primex9&Key

  • Masking tape

  • &frac34&rdquo wooden screws

  • Stain of your selection &ndash I applied&nbspGolden Oak by Varathane

  • White wooden grain enhancer

  • Black wooden grain enhancer

  • Metal brush

  • Straight edge and box cutter &ndash to cut the Plexiglass

  • (optional)&nbspBladeRunner X2&nbsp&ndash to reduce the Plexiglass

  • Drill

  • Screwdriver

If you are a visible person like me, right here are the proportions &ndash&nbsp

Building the frames is really uncomplicated and easy. On the other hand, I discovered a couple of points functioning with plexiglass for the 1st time. I have highlighted that below. Just pay interest to people and making these screen frames will be a snap!

In this article is the full movie tutorial on how t make the frames. The total penned instructions abide by.

How to make the wooden and plexiglass frames &ndash

Move one &ndash&nbspStart by staining the plywood in the shade of your choice. I made use of Golden Oak due to the fact it intently matches the Hardwood flooring in the space.Move 2 &ndash&nbspIf you are utilizing the grain enhancer, wipe the surface area with h2o to assist pop the grain. When the surface area is even now damp, scrub it with the steel brush.&nbspThis is incredibly crucial to get the grain enhancer to perform.&nbspStage three &ndash&nbspOnce the floor is dried, wipe it very well and utilize the wood grain enhancer&nbspversus the grain. Wipe it off after a several minutes with a gentle hand in the exact path you utilized it.

Step 4 &ndash&nbspGet your plexiglass ready. To minimize the plexiglass, you can use a straight edge and a box cutter to score seven-8 moments and snap. It generates a really clean reduce. I wanted to make four of the frames so I made a decision to bring out my&nbspBladeRunner X2&nbspwhich assisted make the approach a little bit a lot quicker.Move 5 &ndash&nbspMeasure the locale&nbspand put the plexiglass on the plywood. I used masking tape to keep it in its place. Then I measured and marked the places for the screws.

Move six &ndash&nbspUse a drill little bit that is huge more than enough for the screw to go by way of simply. I employed a five/32&Prime.&nbspDrill&nbspvery bit by bit! The masking tape keeps the plexiglass from cracking. After you hit the wood on the base, you will really feel resistance. Quit when you have designed a pilot gap in the wooden.Action 7 &ndash&nbspPlace the photograph or printable on the plywood. Use double-sided tape to keep it in place. Take out protective masking from the plexiglass and connect with the wooden screw. It is important&nbspto use a manual screwdriver&nbspso you have command on the stress and how much the screw goes. If not, you can conclude up cracking the plexiglass.

&nbspAdd Sawtooth hangers on the back and cling&nbspthem up!&nbsp

The wooden grain enhancer provides a interesting effect! I made use of the black wooden grain enhancer on two and the white on two.

I can&rsquot determine if I like the black a lot more&hellipOr the white&hellip&nbsp

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